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Nov 5, 2013 1:00am PST
quote >> all right, professor ritter, thank you very much for joining us. jay ritter, professor of finance at the university of florida. >>> and one big tech executive speaking out against speaking at one of the data bases. google's chairman, eric schmidt, said that widespread spying by the government on the company's spying would be wrong. he said his company has registered complaints with the nsa, president obama and congress. >>> and one of of the country's big home builders is where we
Nov 12, 2013 6:30pm PST
.com/nbr. >>> clear for take off, american and u.s. airways settle anti-trust charges and will merge to become the world's largest airline. >>> healthy, new guidelines from the american heart association on the use of stat tants. will it be a game changer? >> happy holidays ahead? reports of earnings over the next couple weeks with a look at the strength of the consumer. that and more for "nightly business report" for tuesday, november 12th. >>> good evening everyone. i'm sue herrera in for system susie gharib. >> i'm tyler mathisen. welcome. the world's biggest airline is about to take off, they settled anti trust charges planning a merger for american airlines and u.s. airways but not before resting concessions aimed as protecting the consumer and making sure the new airline won't be too big. shares of u.s. airways ended about 1% higher, shares of american airlines that began trading on exchange after bankruptcy shot up 26%. let's take a look at what the changes may be in store at the combined airlines and what it means for travelers and investors. >> reporter: with more than 6700 flight as
Nov 25, 2013 6:30pm PST
this in the stores in the u.s., but to figure out the systems, and build up new spots in other countries is the plan going forward. >> is he at all tainted by that mexican bribery scandal that broke about a year or so ago? and how big a problem is that for him and for walmart? >> so i can't see any real reason why he would be tainted by that. he was running sam's club at that point in time in the u.s. and anybody looking at that couldn't say he had any real knowledge. as for the overall effect, it could be a hurdle where bribery is seen as a way of not doing business. but there are many companies around the world where this is not a surprise to see it coming to light. and while there are big questions and certainly potentially monetary finds, it would be something that walmart could handle going forward. >> and what about competition? this retail industry is so competitive. there are a lot of newcomers coming in like the amazons of the world, big companies trying things. and then you have the discounters and all of that. who do you see as walmart's biggest competition? and what do they have to do to
Nov 6, 2013 6:30pm EST
bard as the first ever heard of commerce. twitter could use information about users's location and interest to offer products ordeals. the big leap will come whenรง twitter allows users to link a credit card to their account for one click purchases within twitter. you can say buy a pizza from papa johns or donate to the red cross. this would allow hotels to offer empty rooms and concerts to sell tickets and restaurants to sale tables. >> advertisers could make it easier for people to chance act. that could be another one. that e again, needs a larger base and i think, you know, that needs to be developed. >> this would be a stream line version of twitter and the sink partnership that links credit cards to profiles. twitter could also partner with companies like ebay, etsy or amazon to link accounts without inputting new credit card information. commerce isn't the only way we expect twitter to branch out the the ease i way to ramp up revenue is overseas. 3/4ths of the traffic was international but generated a third of the company's revenue. >> the biggest opportunity right now
Nov 29, 2013 6:30pm PST
your thanksgiving was a great one. susie is off tonight. she'll rejoin us on monday. well, it may have been black friday at the malls, but on wall street you could have called it flat friday, markets closing at 1:00 p.m. eastern time and the major stock indexes ending the day mixed, but wall street wraps up an historic month of november with 12 record high closings for the dow. and the dow and the s&p finished this month with their eighth straight week of gains. today stocks faded just before the early closing time, but earlier in the day, the dow and the s&p, and the dow transports and the russell 2000 all hit record highs. here's a look at today's closing numbers, the dow, 11 points lower, the nasdaq up 15, now solidly above that 4,000 mark, and the s&p basically flat about 1 1/2. look at this, blue chip dow soaring 3.5%. the nasdaq was up 3.6%, and the s&p 500 up 2.8%. a good month all around. while shoppers flocked to stores on this black friday and many more headed out on the thanksgiving holiday, the early word is that the season has started out quite strongly. shares of many of
Nov 21, 2013 7:00pm PST
filed for unemployment benefits fell and produszer inflation was kept in check in october and u.s. manufacturing bounced back in november and investors seemed to be getting more comfortable with so-called taper talk from the so-called federal reserve and recognize stocks can rally as the central bank reduces the stimless program. the dow surged 109 points, ending at, here is the number, 16,010 the nasdaq jumped nearly 478 and the s&p 14.48. falling back and ending lower. >>> joining us now to talk more about the markets and whether or not the great rotation out of bonds and into stocks is finally underway is john manly. chief equity strategist at wells fargo. good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> what are you seeing in your accounts at wells fargo? are people developing a better appetite for equities and leaving bonds? >> i think they are. it's a slow process and not a one-step process, it's a two-step process. i think people are beginning to find equities less scary and more attractive and they are beginning to wonder about the bond holdings. they know rates are down an awfu
Nov 1, 2013 6:30pm EDT
but this is not your father's kodak or the one you used to know. can it succeed? that and more on "nightly business report" for friday, november 1st. >>> good evening everyone. americans are buying cars, a lot of them in showrooms across the country were bustling in october. despite the government shutdown, october was another month of strong auto sales, proof that the manufacturer in new car sales and trucks are one of the engines powers the economic recovery. each of the big three scored double digit sales gains and much of that on pickup truck. general motors was in the fast lane. sales surged almost 16% at ford sales grew 14% and chrysler they were up 11%. phil la bow joins us from chicago with more on that. it was an amazing month. you know, the headline numbers look fantastic but when you look under the hood there are some numbers that weren't so good like chevy volt numbers, they dropped. what happened? >> that ocho got a lot of attention today, suzy. they dropped 31.7% for the month of october this year compared to october of 2012. gm is quick to point out that october of 2012 was the secon
Nov 11, 2013 6:30pm PST
back buying stocks. >>> thank you for joining us, i'm susie gharib, with the bond markets closed for the veterans day holiday, trading was subdued, still, any trading was up, the index posted its 35th record for this year. the dow added 21 points, the nasdaq went up a fraction, and the s&p added a point. so with the dow at another new high and the s&p 500 just a point away from a new all-time close, where are we in the markets right now? are we in the middle of an extended bull run or on course for a slight pullback. we look at the pros and cons of what could happen next. >> reporter: with just weeks to go before year end, many investors are left wondering what to do about their stocks. should you keep riding this bull wave higher, sell some of your winner, buy stocks now? the responses vary. >> our ages right now are much, much more conservative in this economy. >> i love to see stock go up. >> i bought most of mine at the record lows. >> what has changed in the last year is that i personally just don't trust money managers. >> reporter: the uncertainty doesn't change much when
Nov 11, 2013 7:00pm EST
. the top five things used by the military that can be found in daily life. >> every time you use your gps, thank the u.s. military. the device is to keep you from getting lost or asking for directions rely on the same satellite set up by the department of defense in the early '90s. former president bill clinton pushed for them to become available to the general public. this device known as the eppi pen can treat an alerj ek reaction with a quick shot of epinephrine. it was designed to protect soldiers from nerve goods and other chemical weapons. let's say there are plenty of things can you do o with duct tape. it was originally invented in 1940s for ammunition cases. troops realized they could use it to fix army gear. another thing straight out of the military, the jeep. first manufactured for troops in world war ii but it has come a long way. today it is considered the world's oldest suv. it can come with a host of amenities, from leather interior to voice command. hard to imagine these things ever crossing the battlefield. but decades later you will still find the iconic seven-slot gril
Nov 18, 2013 6:30pm PST
the treasury shows that foreign investors pulled out of short-term u.s. treasuries in september during the last budget battle. foreigners dumped more than 130 billion in investments, the numbers were higher showing $14 billion. >>> investors buying up stocks in china's markets today, the shanghai composite rose 3% following the announcement by chinese leaders of massive social and economic reforms, including opening up its markets to more investors, encouraging competition among private companies and allowing more foreign investment into the country. more foreign reform, easing up on the parents' one-child policy, which some say has caused more aging population, it has created an unexpected boom in investing in the older generation. >> reporter: at a nursing home in beijing, the sing-along is led for the fellow residents. the 82-year-old is one of a number of senior citizens, benefitting from elder care. nursing home life is good, he says, i feel really safe. due in part to the decades-old one child policy china is aging faster than other developing nations. pension and health care systems here
Nov 7, 2013 7:00pm EST
. it was the show that gave us the memorable moment. at number one, george named entertainer of the year for the first time since 1990. a bit of a surprise. >> i'm just glad that i could still come to these things. >>. >> knocki ining entertainer of year. number two, blake getting two cma awards. swrer t entertainer of the year is wond ereful. >> winning female vocal igs of the year for a fourt time. our list of top red carpet moments, number one, charles easton has a dople ganger. >> i completely see it. really? >> go for it. >> he maintained that sense of who he was. a man who was self effacing. >> reporting for the cma awards. >> he thanks, sck. >> from down home to this statistic that hits home. women still make over 93% of food purchases in the home. guy, come on. we need to switch it upright now. today is actually let men make dinner day. 78% of dinners are made by women. >> i love toe cook in the kitchen. it's a lot of fun. seasoning the meat, rubbing the meat, seasoning all of the vegetables. >> greg is the kitchen con no soir. >> e eve got bad form over here. >> first, greg says
Nov 12, 2013 7:00pm EST
plus account. even if you don't use google plus, you might have an acount. google pluses the plus sign pretty hard. you do have the option to disable shared endorsements. it probably won't begin for most folks until they see one of these ads. from reactions people see online, it just freaks people out. >> thank you, connor. you want to look 10 years younger? that's cra-cra. but we can make you sound 10 years younger. >> is fresh still fresh? >> we're knocking tenl years off of your vocabulary on the break down. >>. >> can you define swag? >> if my kids were here, they would. swag would be something hanging down, like a drapery. >> well, to me, swag means jewelry. >> do you have swag? >> do i? no. very little. >> swag is the type of style you have. the type of clothes you wear. >> justin bieber uses it and he calls it swaggie. >> i had it. i took ten-day course of antibuy o antibuyoltices and i felt fine ever since. >> how about cra-cra? >> it sounds like a type of food. >> a loot of you on craig's list are cra-cra. >> disco is straight up cra-cra. >> can you define yolo? >> oh, i've he
Oct 31, 2013 6:30pm PDT
for investors. >> bubble trouble. some vav vee investors are using the dreaded b word, so what should you do? we have the bull and bear cases for your money. >>> and no room for error, we know many people are one paycheck away from bankruptcy but there are major cities running paralaosly close, as well. the frightening names and numbers ahead. that and more for this halloween, october 31st. >>> good evening everybody and happy halloween. it's the final trading day of october, a month that historically has not been a very good one for stocks but this year october doesn't look so scary after all. today's stocks move in a very narrow range for most of the session but traders did get spooked and sold off. in the end the dow was down 73 and nasdaq off nearly 11 and s&p fell six but for the month, a good one for the bulls. the dow up about 3%, the nasdaq up four and s&p 500 up better than 4.5% or there abilities and with the month of october coming to a close, the nights are cold, days are shorters and investors are apparently afraid of very little for now. >> reporter: one by one, the ghouls that mig
Nov 27, 2013 6:30pm PST
with the website. administration is delaying for one year the ability of small businesses to use the website to buy health insurance for workers. they can use agents or brokers to buy coverage or go directly to insurers. late today there were reports, as well, hewlett packard will be a late inning replacement for verizon as the web host for the site. bertha coombs joins us with more. bertha what does this delay mean for small businesses and their employees? who does it affect? >> it affects businesses with fewer than 50 employees. they are not mandated to provide them with insurance, but this program, the shop its called for small businesses would allow them to look at plans and enroll employees automatically. originally they delayed it until november 1st and now it's being delayed another year. they will be able to get tax credits retroactively the way a lot of small businesses do it. it just indicates, tyler, they are having still a lot of technical issues on trying to clear things up on and this afternoon dow jones is reporting that hewlett packard will serve as
Nov 28, 2013 6:30pm PST
mathisen. >> i'm susie gharib. it is thanksgiving day here in the u.s., a time marking the beginning of the holiday season and a time when millions of americans take to the road and skies to be with family and friends. couple that with the start of the jewish holiday hanukkah, a special time. >> time for investors to think about what to do with portfolios as this year draws to a close. so tonight, we'll look how the markets tend to behave the final weeks of the year and how that sets up for 2014. we'll also look at the sector who that has a lot riding on these final few weeks, and that, of course, is retail. >>> and that is where we begin tonight with retail. this year the list of major retailers and malls open for business on thanksgiving is longer than it has ever been. many big names are staying open through black friday and the retail industry has a lot riding on this plan. >> reporter: for many americans, thanksgiving day is packed with traditions, tuning into watch the macy's parade, eating a turkey dinner, watching football and shopping. >> i'd say i'd rather go shopping, yeah
Nov 13, 2013 6:30pm PST
joins us with a break down of the numbers. bertha, i know you've been going through the information. who did succeed in signing up? >> we don't really know. they didn't really give us demographic information. they just basically gave us the numbers of what they saw. in terms of people that actually selected a plan at this point, we're talking about 106,000 and as you mentioned, the majority of those came through the state based exchanges that have been working fairly well, only 26,000, nearly 27,000 managed to select a plan. some of them paid, a lot of them haven't but haven't select add plan through the federal exchange as we know, they had a lot of troubles for a lot of people. it's been frustrating. what is interesting is to see the wide variety, more people were able to select a plan on the california exchange than were on the federal exchange and this is just for the first month, some of the states had more updated numbers. in new york, pretty strong numbers, as well, just over 16,000, kentucky which has been fairly good for them, over 5500. but take a look at the st
Nov 15, 2013 6:30pm PST
's regional chief investment officer at wells fargo private bank. thanks for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> are there any head winds that could stop this? six uptakes and we've been through september and october with great gains. where is the weakness in the market? >> i'm not sure you'll see a lot of it. we only have 30 trading days left in calendar year 2013. we'll look into 2014 and as we look into 2014, i think the environment sets up nicely for overall economic growth and descent earnings growth. i'm not sure there are a lot of head winds. certainly on a relative basis to your earlier point and the earlier segment where interest rates are and don't forget cheap inflation or low inflation at today's levels. >> darrell, i would like to follow up on the report from seema where she's talking about the market. at some point the fed will cut back on the stimulus. what companies do you think will be growth winners in that environment and do you agree with stocks she was talking about? >> yeah, as you turn the page into 2014 you have to look at growth winners as opposed to liquidity. secto
Nov 26, 2013 6:30pm PST
,017 and the s&p 500 was up a fraction of a point. >>> joining us to talk more, jim, ceo at principal global investors. jim, welcome to the program. i understand that you agree with the statement that tyler made a moment ago, that the nasdaq 4,000 is much healthierer today than it was 13 years ago. tell us why and what mek tricks are you looking at? >> yeah, the difference is that this time the market has been going up because of earnings and the fund mentals for u.s. private sector remain very strong, and that's really what is driving the nasdaq. some 24, 25 times the earnings, which is reasonable given the growth potential. equities generally on about 17 times earnings online with the long-term average. at a time when the u.s. private sector is doing well and there is good momentum, that's a reasonable place to be. >> so this time is different in your view, last time was a bubble, but why hasn't, jim, the nasdaq risen past its former all-time highs, the way the dow and s&p have? >> yeah, the difference, tyler, the dow and s&p different run on fumes at the end of last decade of the end of t
Nov 4, 2013 7:00pm EST
was nuts. four u.s. presidents have had a mustache. arthur, cleveland, roosevelt and taft. >> m mustache is a movember mustache. >> may look like he has a centipede on his upper lip but it is for a good cause. >> viral tidbits in mustaches. so not good. the juiciest viral videos on the internet, bring it. here are the day's best. >> viral list. >> first up, all aboard. in new york city, train conductors cast a point at every sharp sign. at every subway station. just, you know, to prove they're paying attention. they wanted to make it more fun by adding funny signs. in the workers are really enjoying it. some are a little reluctant but it is through jobs. colorful ride. taking on the bright streets of chile. they even meet some not so nice friends. >> very nice local. wild dinner guests. check out this russian video of a raccoon chomping down on some grapes. >> so may need need lessons in etiquette. >> fit strips are everywhere. we will show you how to make your own and they will look just like you. well, your version of you, coming up on "the list." rom com, the american film institutes
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 87 (some duplicates have been removed)